First Move Training

  • Course Type Online
  • Duration 32 Hours
  • Lectures 15
  • Skill Level Beginner
  • Certificate Beginner
COURSE CATEGORY : Ontario security guard

This course is designed to prepare all newcomers to the security industry for the Ontario PSISA Ministry test for all security guards. You will receive the knowledge and education needed during this 40-hour training course so that you are as prepared as you can be to write the ministry test with confidence. First Move Training Services has built an online course that will allow you to complete the mandatory training within your own schedule and time. You will be able to review the information as many times as you require to make sure you become fluent with your understanding of the learning.

If you are looking to join the security industry, we are happy to assist you with this process and help you take the next steps to becoming a professional security guard.

If you complete our PSISA ministry training course you will receive the Standard first aid C/CPR training course at an unbeatable discounted rate to assist you with keeping your costs as low as possible.

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  • Course 1 : Introduction to the security industry
  • Course 2 : The private security and investigative services act, 2005 and ministry code of conduct
  • Course 3 : Basic security procedures
  • Course 4 : Report Writing
  • Course 5 : Health and safety
  • Course 6 : Emergency response preparation
  • Course 7 : Canadian legal system
  • Course 8 : legal authorities
  • Course 9 : Effective communications
  • Course 10 : Sensitivity training
  • Course 11 : Use of force theory
  • Course 12 : Emergency level first aid