First Move Training

  • Course Type In Person
  • Duration 2 days
  • Lectures -
  • Skill Level Beginner
  • Certificate Beginner

The courses are designed to meet and exceed the current standards introduced to various
Provinces. The training to be delivered has been customized specifically for the public setting environments. The program is designed to mitigate the risk of liability to not only the security professional, but supervisors, management, and the institution by providing “Court Defensible” criteria and training methods. As a result, all efforts have been employed to ensure the material is compliant, consistent, and current with applicable legal authorities and acceptable standards. The program has been designed to provide front-line staff with simple, tested and industry-specific techniques to mitigate the risk of not only injury, but just as importantly civil and/or criminal liability.

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  • Course 1 : Legal authorities
  • Course 2 : Use of force theory & principles
  • Course 3 : Advanced communications techniques
  • Course 4 : Crisis management
  • Course 5 : Defensive tactics, Subject control principles
  • Course 6 : Handcuffing
  • Course 7 : Tactical baton
  • Course 8 : Sharp edged weapons defence